Discover Weekly highlights 12-26-16

Hey all! I love finding new music. Having listened to so much stuff, it’s hard to find new things without some digging. But the internet changes the game. We have more access to the musical underground than ever before. Literally anybody with a computer can make and upload music. And that’s cool. And anyone with a computer can access this music. Which is awesome.

As someone with somewhat eclectic, anti-mainstream taste, I always tend to be disappointed in Spotify’s picks for my personal “Discover Weekly” playlist. However, Spotify has finally started putting cool stuff in my “Discover Weekly” playlist. Sometimes when I find this cool stuff, I just have to share it. Which is the point of this post.

This last week had some major highlights. I feel like I got super lucky.

1. “To The Quick” by Enter the Haggis

Okay, so get this: Instrumental Celtic rock. It’s got all the rock basics covered, but with insane bagpipe and fiddle action. How Spotify knew I would like this is beyond me. But it is wicked awesome.

2. “Hotel Midi” by Ronald Jenkees

This is just fun. Chill, groovy, atmospheric, and electronic without being overbearing. It was simply a pleasure to come across. Thank you, Spotify, for this treat.

3. Soluppgång (feat. Jenny Wahlström) by Robert Eriksson & Paul Biktor Börjesson

Okay, so yeah. I lose a few points for the boring mainstream worship music production of this one. In case you can’t tell, it’s “Rising Sun” originally by All Sons and Daughters. But, look! It’s in Swedish! Swedish! How often do you hear Swedish versions of modern worship songs?
…I didn’t think so.

So there you have it, that’s this week’s findings. I’ll post again next week if I find more cool stuff.

Peace out, Hailey.


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