About a year ago I discovered fusion genre Orchestral Dubstep and could not get enough. And if metal was added in there…just…yes. All the fusion, all the time. But how could I get all the things in one place? I started my “Favorite Instrumentals” playlist as a first effort. But I also threw in there all kinds of other things: acoustic, jazz, piano. Problem was, if I listened to the playlist, none of it would mesh.

But now, I have done it. I converted my “Favorite Instrumentals” playlist into something I would actually listen to. I made my overall, good for just about everything, go-to playlist. And I’m calling it,


What is this strange word, you may ask? It is, as you may have guessed, a combination of many words:

  • Dubstep
  • Orchestra
  • Metal
  • Electonic

Basically, it’s everything I want and enjoy in one playlist. All instrumental, of course. In fact, to me, this is, the one instrumental playlist to rule them all. You can listen to it here. Because this is a dump of epicness, I still need to go through and weed out some less-epic tracks. Also, it needs more metal.

If any of you know of some good artists/tracks I could add to this, PLEASE let me know!

Peace out and listen on,



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