Discover Weekly highlights 1/22/17

Okay, so this week I got a lot of cool stuff. It was hard to narrow it down.

But I’m gonna start with the best:

1. “Pheonix Rising” by Calum Graham

This blew me away. Absolutely amazing. Yeah…I just…don’t have much more to say about it.

2. “If You Could Hie to Kolob” by Jonathan Keith

As Spotify has been getting closer to figuring out my taste, this week they included a whole bunch of instrumental hymns and worship songs. Unfortunately, most of them are the style you would hear in the background of a Hobby Lobby (no offence, Hobby Lobby. I seriously love you). Except this one. The piano is played with such drama and depth that I would like to replicate in my own future playing. And I don’t even know this actual song!

3. “Eve” by Neulore

Every once in a while I will be surprised by some really nice lyrical music. This is one of those songs. It’s deep, the words are meaningful, and the music is expressive. It all blends together so well in a way that makes a different kind of sound. The well-built atmosphere behind it keeps me listening.

4. “Vrij” by Matthijn Buwalda

So the other week Spotify thought I was Swedish, this week I have a Dutch song for you (they had a Finnish song in my playlist this week, too, but I like this one more). I dunno, I just feel like listening to foreign music gives one a better appreciation for the music and language as a whole, as you can’t be distracted by the words. It also gives a broader appreciation of talent and culture around the world.

Anyway, this is a simple and fun song that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

Oh, and “Vrij” means, “Free”, by the way.

5. “I Give Up” by Elijah Bossenbroek

Now we get into some other instrumental stuff. So much expression and heart in this. Just listen and feel it. Feel the epicness.

6. “Dark” by Greg Maroney

Another instrumental piano bit. This solo piano piece holds its own. Despite its simplicity, it breaks rules and has enough power to it to keep going without dragging. Beautiful.

And that’s what we have for this week! I will leave you with this rendition of “Hallelujah” by Josh Vietti.

As always,

Listen on, crew.



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