Hailey Investigates: Anamanaguchi

Sometimes I discover cool music, and I want more of it but just don’t have the time and focus to listen to more at that moment. So I created the Investigate later playlist: a dump of cool stuff I have yet to look into more. It’s grown rather huge lately, but I want to dig into it some more and actually follow through on the investigation. And if an artist turns out to be cool, I’ll share it on here.

Today we’re looking at a band called Anamanaguchi. Anamanaguchi composes for video games, as well as produces a bunch of their own stuff.

This track is called “Danger Mountain,” and it’s what got them into my Investigate Later playlist in the first place. It throws me back to classic Sonic the Hedgehog tunes from SEGA Genesis. It also carries a notable Japanese flavor, which is awesome and full of energy. It’s just…fun. Fun and timeless.


“Anamanaguchi combines digital electronic sounds such as those seen in Chiptune and Bitpop with traditional band instrumentation. As with other chiptune artists, they have created music using video game hardware from the mid- to late 1980s: namely an NES and a Game Boy.”


Though I don’t see myself as listening to much more of Anamanaguchi (as I personally can only take so much 8-bit), here’s some other cool tracks I found by them:


“Helix Nebula”


Listen on,



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