Discover Weekly 2-11-17

Spotify understands me! Let’s get down to it:

1. “Within” by William Joseph

Goals. Seriously. This is what I want to do. So much depth. So much beauty.

3. “Babylon of the Occident” by The Shanghai Restoration Project

This is so gorgeous and so different. A great blast of Western music with so much Eastern influence. So chill and so intense.

3. “Turn my Crimson into White” by Stephan J. Anderson

The epicness and heart in this. The more you listen, the more you hear. I love that guitar in the background messing around in the beginning. And the flutes. And the size of the drums…And those hand claps. So much African flavor in a great big epic track.

4. “When Leaves Fall” by Thad Fiscella

It’s hard to find piano pieces that don’t sound like boring background music. But stop and listen to this one. There is so much heart in its simplicity, in how it communicates emotion and tells a story. It goes to show that it doesn’t take much to make good music.

5. “Wheels Down” by Adam Young

Though this is a little smooth for my taste, it can’t go without being mentioned. It’s good. It’s big and full and fun and has a lot to it.

6. “The Moments in Between” by The Reign of Kindo

This song has everything: arrangement, emotion, drama, and creativity. It breaks all the rules so smoothly, but still keeps a “normal”ish sound to it. It’s a great working of new ideas within an old structure.

7. “Waterfall” by Joel Ansett

And now for something completely different. Listen it this. It’s beautiful. The lyrics, the vocals, the simplicity and space. This song lets itself breath, and everything in it compliments the message and emotion that it’s trying to get across.


So much good stuff, I know. Hopefully next week will be good too.

Listen on,



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