Discover Weekly highlights 2-19-17

1. “Radiate” by Erik Ekholm

It’s as the title of the album says, “Extreme Epic.” This piece builds where it’s supposed to, and drives on, for an ongoing, never dull listening experience.

2. “Confessions of a Toothpaste Machine” by Third Dimension Doorknob

Unfortunately, my favorite track of the week is not on Youtube. But…this thing is amazing. Seriously. I just wish it was available more places.

Here’s the Spotify link:

3. “Butterfly Effect” by fox capture plan

This piece has so much going on, that though it may not be specifically my “flavor”, I couldn’t not include it in the list. It stays true to its name, as “the butterfly effect” is the idea that everything affects everything. It’s…stimulating, to say the least. Give it a whirl.

4. “Formed by Glaciers” by Kubbi

It’s great to slow down sometimes. But it’s rare to find a slower piece, a simple one at that, that still carries the power and emotion to make it worth my time. But, there’s this one. It’s one of those, “I can’t stop listening” kind of tracks. Really makes you take a moment to think.

5. “Slay the Chopper” by Zweihänder

I think it’s rather well-known that the Germans are the kings of electronica. So naturally, when I see a German name in my Discover Weekly, I get excited. And needless to say, I was not disappointed.


That’s all for this week.

Listen on,



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